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Bedford Genealogical Sources

HRM Archives has few sources from the Town of Bedford of specific interest for genealogical research, however we do have municipal records including Oaths of Office and council minutes, etc.  Bedford residents will be represented in the genealogical sources from the County of Halifax, prior to town incorporation in 1979.

A good source for Bedford genealogical research is the Scott Manor House run by the Fort Sackville Foundation.

City Directories         

The Halifax and Dartmouth Directories included Bedford listings. Directories contain alphabetical lists of names of all adult residents in the city, with occupations and address, a complete street guide, and a home owner’s and tenants directory.   Municipal Archives has 1932, 1934, 1936 - 2000.  A fuller set is located at the Halifax Public Libraries.

Directory of Households, 1944 (CR43.16)                                                     The directory lists all householders receiving mail at rural post-offices, their names, occupations and if French-speaking; it covers the entire County and rural delivery routes for Bedford and Dartmouth. People who weren't property owners or permanent residents would be captured in this directory but not on other listings like propety assessment rolls, census.