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Other Genealogy Links

Nova Scotia Archives (NSA) - Full list of the provincial archive’s genealogical resources and online databases in an annotated format.


Check out Routes to Your Roots!

Routes to Your Roots - find out where in Nova Scotia your ancestors lived, then plan your family history research trip


Archives Canada - Full list of Canadian genealogical web sources, databases, and other web sites, including a Nova Scotia section

Halifax Public Libraries - Roots to Your Past  - Resource guide to the Halifax Public Libraries' genealogical books and local history, reference items, and other sources

Canadian Genealogical Centre - Nova Scotia - The Nova Scotia section of the CGC, containing links and a how-to/getting started guide.

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia - Association to collect and preserve genealogical material. Contains family histories and resources (by surname).

Dartmouth Heritage Museum - Museum has archives with archival reference/information request form.

Scott Manor House - Run by the Fort Sackville Foundation, it keeps an archives with many genealogical sources for the town of Bedford.

GenWeb Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia section of GenWeb genealogical links.

Census of Canada, 1911 - Searchable database of facts and figures and images of the 1911 Canadian census (searchable by geographical location).

Halifax Directories, Collections and Archives Canada, 1880-1901 - A searchable online database of the Halifax Directory as well as directories from other cities.

Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics - Historical birth, marriage and death records for the province of Nova Scotia

Pier 21 - The East Coast’s main point of entry for immigrants, Pier 21 holds a variety of local history and genealogical materials

Automated Genealogy – Transcribed census data for all of Canada for, including the 1901 and 1911 census. Searchable by name.