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Archival Holdings

The Halifax Municipal Archives holds records in many formats (documents, maps, plans, photos, audio-visual recordings), from just before the incorporation of the City of Halifax in 1841 to recent HRM records more than 10 years old.

Click on the lists below for record groupings we have processed and described in the Archives' Database; see New Acquisitions for lists of unprocessed records.

Lists of Municipal Records Series:

List of Community Records

Community records are an important complement to the government records. If you or a business or community organization you are part of, have records, maps, photos, audio-visual material that documents the history of our municipality, consider donating them to the Municipal Archives. See how Archival Donations work.

Reference Collection:

Halifax Municipal Archives also holds published materials created by the Municipality or directly related to the region’s history, geography, governance and services.  This includes municipal government reports, community service publications, newsletters, local history publications, and brochures. These items are catalogued in the Archives Database. Search for the title or relevant subject.

An example of the reports in the Reference Collection:

Stephenson Report

The 1957 "Redevelopment study of Halifax" commissioned by the City of Halifax from planner Gordon Stephenson spurred the City of Halifax on a path of urban renewal that resulted in massive changes to the city-scape such as the downtown "slum clearances", Cornwallis Centre (Scotia Square) and Harbour Drive (Cogswell Interchange) developments, as well as the relocation of the Africville community. 

1957Stephenson Report

The full report is now available in our Africville Sources; as well as with its supplementary volume in the Archives Database:

  • Supplementary volume - gives an overview of the development history of the City of Halifax to 1957 and the geographic, economic and social factors at play in its future development

Or click on the cover here to download a 12MB pdf.