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Mayors, Councillors, Aldermen: 1841-present

Halifax's current mayor and councillors join a long line of representatives elected to serve their municipal district or ward. 

Halifax County Council 1916Municipality of the County of Halifax Council, 1916: HRM Archives photo 312-1F-001

Since the City of Halifax first went to the polls on May 12, 1841, much has changed: the frequency of elections, terms of office, the boundaries and number of electoral districts, even voter eligibility.  Records in the Archives track those changes.

For each municipality below a pdf document provides a chronological listing of mayors, deputy-mayors and councillors/aldermen with their term(s) and district/ward served.  You can search for the name of a person or district, once you have clicked on a document; or if you want to search all the municipalities at once, use the "Elected Officials" search box at the right.

The information in the listings was compiled by Municipal staff from various sources including council minutes and annual reports. We will continue to add to the entries where information is incomplete.

The listings include biographic notes for some of the officials.  A good source for more complete biographies of elected officials is H. Millard Wright's book published in 2002 One Region, Many Leaders - Mayors and Wardens of the former Halifax, City of Dartmouth, Town of Bedford, County of Halifax, 1841-2001 (available at the Archives or Halifax Public Libraries).

For any corrections to or questions about the content of our Elected Officials Listings, please Contact the Archives.