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HRM Councillors

Who's Your Councillor?

Enter your street address to find your Councillor's Name as well as their web page, a map of your district, and to send a request to your Councillor online.

Contacting Your Councillor

You can contact any of the Halifax Regional Municipality Councillors through the 

Halifax Regional Municipality
Councillors' Support Office

PO Box 1749
Halifax NS B3J 3A5
Phone - 490-4050
Fax - 490-4122

or contact information for individual Councillors is listed on their pages.


District 1 - Waverley - Fall River - Musquodoboit
  Councillor Barry Dalrymple
  Office phone: 490-4013   Email: barry.dalrymple[at]
District 2 - Preston - Chezzetcook - Eastern Shore
  Councillor David Hendsbee
  Office phone: 889-3553   Email: david.hendsbee[at]
District 3 - Dartmouth South - Eastern Passage
  Councillor Bill Karsten
  Office phone: 490-7184   Email: bill.karsten[at]
District 4 - Cole Harbour - Westphal
  Councillor Lorelei Nicoll
  Office phone : 490-4086   Email: lorelei.nicoll[at]
District 5 - Dartmouth Centre
  Councillor Gloria McCluskey
  Office phone: 490-1577   Email: gloria.mccluskey[at]
District 6 - Harbourview - Burnside - Dartmouth East
  Councillor Darren Fisher
  Office phone: 490-4013   Email: darren.fisher[at]
District 7 - Peninsula South - Downtown
  Councillor Waye Mason
  Office phone: 490-7177   Email: waye.mason[at]
District 8 - Peninsula North
  Councillor Jennifer Watts
  Office phone: 490-7177   Email: jennifer.watts[at]
District 9 - Armdale - Peninsula West
  Councillor Linda Mosher
  Office phone: 490-1463   Email: linda.mosher[at]
District 10 - Halifax - Bedford Basin West
  Councillor Russell Walker
  Office phone: 490-4090   Email: russell.walker[at]
District 11 - Spryfield - Sambro Loop - Prospect Road
  Councillor Stephen Adams
  Office phone: 490-7184   Email: stephen.adams[at]
District 12 - Timberlea - Beechville - Clayton Park West
  Councillor Reg Rankin
  Office phone: 490-2012   Email: reg.rankin[at]
District 13 - Hammonds Plains - St. Margarets
  Councillor Matt Whitman
  Office phone: 490-2012   Email:  matt.whitman[at]
District 14 - Middle/Upper Sackville - Beaver Bank - Lucasville                
  Councillor Brad Johns
  Office phone: 490-7184   Email: brad.johns[at]
District 15 - Lower Sackville
  Councillor Steve Craig
  Office phone: 490-1577   Email: steve.craig[at]
District 16 - Bedford - Wentworth
  Councillor Tim Outhit
  Office phone: 490-4086   Email:  outhitt[at]


Councillors’  Funds

In order to enhance infrastructure in their district, each Councillor has a capital fund budget. In addition, the Councillors’ district activity budget (discretionary fund)  is used to support a variety of events and/or initiatives in the community.

Non profit groups requesting funds need to complete the form found below. Requests meeting the eligibility criteria may be considered by the Councillor.  The two policies below describe each of these funds and provide the eligibility criteria.

District Capital Fund PolicyTo PDF Acrobat Tips

Councillors District Acvitiy Fund:  Policy and ProceduresTo PDF Acrobat Tips

Capital Request Form - Fillable


HRM Municipal Councillors

Within the Halifax Regional Municipality there are 16 elected officials, representing a wide range of communities- from Ecum Secum to Hubbards. These elected officials are an essential democratic link between the Municipality’s residents and local government. HRM Councillors work to ensure the Municipality provides a quality of life that is sustainable, healthy and vibrant - one that considers and supports the welfare of its residents. Your Councillor is committed to representing the concerns and issues of your district and the needs of the broader community of HRM as a whole. HRM Councillors make decisions that deal with a wide range of services which impact on both the future of HRM and on the day to day lives of the citizens. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Streets and Roads
  • Public transit
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Enforcement of local bylaws
  • Solid waste and recycling
  • Library Services
  • Planning new community developments and enhancing existing neighbourhoods
  • Building code, inspection and permit
  • Domestic animal control

Key responsibilities of HRM Councillors include the following:


  • Meet with residents to gain familiarity with local issues/concerns about existing and proposed services within the Municipality
  • Attend Community Council and Community association meetings to keep abreast of district issues/concerns
  • Obtain the assistance of municipal staff in resolving and addressing unique or particular issues raised by residents
  • Communicate Council decisions through attendance at meetings, newsletters and web postings

Policy Making:

  • Review and analyse studies and proposals on a wide range of programs and issues
  • Develop positions and motions to influence the direction of policy/programs and services
  • Determine the level of support amongst residents, refine proposals and present/ justify them at Community Council and Regional Council
  • Participate as a voting member of Council in setting the Municipal budget and determining service fees and tax levels as well as service levels to balance the provision of services with the maintenance of acceptable fee/taxation levels

Representation on Boards and Committees:

  • In addition to attending Community meetings, Community Council and Regional Council, your Councillor serves on a number of boards and committees