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Traffic Box Art

North and GottingenCheck out our Traffic Box Art Google Map. See where the traffic boxes are located throughout the municipality, view pictures of the artwork and discover who created each.

What is a Traffic Box?

They are boxes that house the controls for the traffic light signals at intersections.


  • provide opportunities for artists to be creative, connect with their community and heighten community identity through beautification
  • reduce graffiti vandalism
  • provide employment opportunities for emerging and established local artists
  • provide opportunity to paint outside and use an alternative form of "canvas"
  • to spark interest and dialogue around new diverse forms of mural painting
  • to strengthen artist, resident, and municipal relations
  • to heighten community cohesiveness and civic pride
  • to heighten sense of place

Robie and CunardCultural Affairs offered the Traffic Box Program yearly from 2008 through 2010, with the support of Transportation and Public Works.  A diversity of local artists were selected each year through a jury process to paint murals on the newly created or replaced traffic boxes found at intersections. The boxes are located in highly visible locations both to pedestrians and road traffic.

See all the traffic box artwork here. You will be taken to HRM's Google Map where, you will get to locate all of the traffic boxes around HRM and see the mural art done by HRM's very own artists!

About the Artists

Artist: Anna Stowe

Education/ business: Artist / designer / image-maker. Anna Stowe works from her home studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Style: Using various mediums she creates lively, colourful works often inspired by culture, patterns and life's imperfections. Her personal work explores subjects such as nature, animals, urbanization, portraiture, and vintage artifacts.

Website or contact information: and

Artist: Annemarie Johnson

Education/business: I am a Mural Artist. Foremost, I am a Professional Artist who loves to create large dramatic murals in grand spaces. Recently, I have studied the Italian method of applying lime plaster. I love the texture and look of plaster. I enjoy the process and art of creating texture and design.

Influences: I am inspired by Escher’s realism, and I love the dreamy landscapes of Monet, Maillet and William Turner. I enjoy the illustrative work of Ron DiCianni and Thomas Blackshear II.

Style: I love to paint in bold colours and at times soft and dreamy. I love sunshine coming through trees, and the pattern of marble and the texture of stone. My work employs realism and trompe l’oeil evoking emotions of delight and enthusiasm, as in my marble finishes. I enjoy involving my clients on the creative journey.

Past work: My work has been featured in Maritime magazines Saltscapes, Eastcoast Living and in the Southender, Dartmouth Laker, and on the front page of the Chronicle Herald, local newspapers. This year my work was featured on the front cover of “The Pentecostal Testimony”, a national church magazine, with a two page article. I have participated in the Designer Showcase, a fundraiser for the Kid’s Help Phone, featuring my Murals, Artwork and other design finishes.

Website or contact information:

Artist: Barbi Jollota

Education/business: Freelance painter. Currently working in the film industry since 1998 as hair stylist/makeup artist.

Influences: Cosmetology training

Style: Painted various murals in restaurants, private homes and outdoors for HRM. Taught pre teen sketching at Eric Graves on a voluntary basis.

Past work: Many art exhibits in Halifax.

Website or contact information:

Artist: Kim Cain

Style: A self-professed “Materials Manipulator,” I begin my artistic journey constantly reclaiming items from the past. The process of transforming fragments of discarded nothingness, or treasured remnants of past glory into art is a magical journey. My work starts inside of me, as I consciously exercise resistance of and reference to the canons of Historical Art History. My packrat like tendencies are validated as I constantly reclaim items from the past.

Artist: Heather Drysdale

Education/business: Graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and has been working in the field of the Decorative Arts for over 25 years.

Style: Self employed faux finish artist and muralist whose work encompasses many different styles and tastes. There are innumerable techniques she can apply to walls, ceilings, floors and furniture through glazing, stenciling, marbling, venetian plaster and murals.

Past work: She has left her distinguished mark in hundreds of homes in the Maritimes as well as many commercial establishments. The IWK is one of her favourite canvases.

Website or contact information: 902-434-5932 or email at

Artist: Jake Seibert

Website or contact information:

Artist: Chris Lockerbie

Education/business: Attended art school in Halifax

Influences: Inspiration came from local folk artists in Pictou County and from the arts section of the public library.

Style: Cartoonist and muralist

Website or contact information:

Artist: Karen Leiper

Education/business: I am currently studying International Development at Dalhousie University and also work at Planet Organic (Quinpool Road).

Style: I love art and making things once considered ugly become beautiful.

Artist: Laura Legere

Education/business: I consider myself an abstract artist and work with a range of materials including textiles and I have done a number of original quilts and pillows. I often use the name Isreal Tate or auntie isreal and sign my work" 'it" for a number of reasons.

Style: I portray the world around me with much melancholia and many dark themes.

The Painting - This box is entitled "Dark Pool" and it is intended to convey that Narcissism is the plague of this century. The sin of losing oneself to oneself and self gratification has not yet been committed in the painting and in fact the figure on the back is hesitant to enter the forest and lose himself in his own reflection. There is a Canadian spin to this tale of ancient Greek mythology with the changing of the seasons being part of the box and winter being such a large part of our lives depicted as one entire panel. Do we become tempted by the forest and succumb to self love? Well, that depends on the individual I guess and how much inner strength they possess.

Past work: My most recent works have been included in the Nova Scotia Dept. of Healths' Calendars promoting mental health. I have shown continuously since my debut in The Women and Violence Exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in 1999 with my signature piece "The Stalker". My art has been classified as outsider art and even bitch art and I am just fine with that.

Artist: Lucy Booth

Education/business: Studied arts and architecture. She was a toymaker with the Magic Wand Company for a number of years making wands and fairy crowns and other toys.

Style: This traffic control box was painted to look like a time machine. The pattern was taken from the insides of an old abalone and silver desk clock.
Website or contact information:

Artist: Paola Marcato

Education/business: I work at Dalhousie University on cancer research where I'm a postdoctoral fellow. I’ve been painting since High School.

Artist: Ronald I. Yhap

Education/business: B.Sc. (Engineering) and B. Eng. I learned to paint in oils at a very young age at a private art class with a few other students. Later I studied drawing and etching on British Scraper Board at a Junior High School in Guyana, South America and have been doing etchings on this medium since at least 1970. I took a night course in oil painting at a high school in Halifax.

Style: My oil paintings and etchings consist mainly of landscapes and seascapes. In the early days I used to paint without sketching the outlines first but in the last few years I do a drawing on the canvas or board before painting. This helps with the composition and perspective of the painting. When I do my etchings in British Scraper Board they are done directly without any prior sketches. I have also done scrimshaw on old piano keys.

Past work: As an Alumni of Dalhousie University I have exhibited in their Annual Student, Staff, Faculty and Alumni Exhibition since about 1981. I exhibited some of my work at both the Saint Mary’s University Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff Exhibition and Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery’s Community Art Show in 2007. I was a member of the Truro Art Society years ago and exhibited some of my work with them. I was a member of the Contemporary Art Society of Nova Scotia and exhibited with them for about 2 years. I painted a 7’ by 7’ mural in the Fall of 2007 at the back of 2 Maitland Street in Dartmouth as part of HRM’s anti-graffiti project.

Website or contact information: (h) 453-2968

Artist: Sharon Hodgson

Education/business: When I am not doing mural work, I am often painting live at events/shows or working on a variety of realistic to abstracted works in my home studio.

Style: I am a local artist who loves to paint with bright, vibrant colours. I have painted murals all over HRM and I mean it literally when I say I want to "paint the town".

Past work: Over ten years experience as a web and print designer.
Website or contact information: Blogs pieces regularly at

Artist: Zeqirja Rexhepi

Education/business: Academy of Art at the University of Prishtina, Kosova. I work at Dalhousie University in Facilities Management.

Style: Muralist, artist.

Past work: Beazley Field Stadium as a coach. Remembrance Day painting for Canadian Forces. Tall ships mural, 22 x 44', for Downtown Halifax Business Commission for commemoration the arrival of Tall Ships in 2000
Frescoes for churches and mosques in Binqa Church, Kosova. My most accomplished mural, Albanian Persecution, 1846, was completed in 1991 at the Binqa Church in Gjilan, Kosovo

Website or contact information: or

Artist: Jon David Welland

Education/business: I am a writer, artist and activist. I write poetry and short fiction and illustrate my own work. I also teach a creative writing class and and edit and illustrate a poetry journal.

Artist: Ben Gallagher

Style: Ben Gallagher has not practiced piracy in international waters. He has not mastered the Triple-Fisted Flying Crane technique. There have been no extraterrestrial encounters. The rumours about his origins are unconfirmed, in particular those having to do with the Old Kings of Ireland. He has been known to dance frantically and swim every month in the North Atlantic. He writes one poem a day, and does not like school.

Website or contact information:

Artist: JD Boudreau

Style: I use abstracted characters in vibrant colour schemes that intertwine with graffiti style lettering

The Painting: My box shows one of my characters heads spewing green liquid in all directions from holes in his head and out his mouth and ears. the liquid envelopes the whole box and drips from the box to the cement pedistal. it is very bright and eye catching.

Past work: I have worked cooperatively with other artists at murals at the Lebrun Centre, Sackville Skatepark and Cole Harbour Skatepark.

Artist: Luke Norrad

Education/business: NSCAD student, muralist, illustrator, graphic designer.

Influences: Cartoons and comics of the past, Jay-Z.


Artist: Katie Steele

Education/Business: Graduate of McMaster University and the Sutherland
Chan School of Massage Therapy, Katie is a Registered Massage Therapist by
trade and an artist by heart.

Style: Impressionist and cartoonist, influenced in many of her pieces by
whimsical and dream-like images. Katie works primarily with soft pastels
and chalk and loves the folk art landscape of Nova Scotia.

Past work: Katie has illustrated a children's book named "Kidz go Wild!
Adventures in the Canadian Rockies" sold by Parks Canada and in Alberta's
Bow Valley. She also has been given special mention as an artist in the
Cayman Islands, showcasing her work there.

Contact Information:

Artist: Ryan Farrell

Education/business: Currently attending Dalhousie University to pursue architecture.

Style: I like to incorporate strong lines in my work. The use of shading as well as vibrant colours lends to the realism of the image I wish to portray. The image should be so three-dimensional that it evokes a sense of movement when seen.

Past work: I participated in a city beautification project with a group of other artists to create an outside wall mural. I was always involved in art work during my school years and I have created school mascots. I have done murals as well as painted sets for theatre productions. I have enjoyed doing sketches and paintings for friends and family. I recently designed the logo for a local band.

Artist: Grant Longard

Background: Grant Longard is a motivated artist - he is the Founder and creative director of Brand Aid Design based in Halifax, NS. He studied Applied Communication Arts and Graphic Design at NSCC. At a very young age, he realized creative expression is a rewarding, integral part of his lifestyle - compelling him to make a living at something he enjoys. Grant is spontaneous in his methodology - this approach also transcends into his various mediums of creative outlet.

Website and Contact Information:

Artist: Bronwynne Conrad

Education/Business: A Graduate from the Screen Arts Program at NSCC I currently work in the Halifax film industry as a Production Designer/Art Director for short films and Music videos.

Style: I paint everyday objects in a different way. This particular traffic box was inspired by an old radio that I found kicking around.

Any acrylic pieces that I do are painted using a deck of playing cards instead of a brush to promote seeing everyday objects in a different way.

Contact Info:

Artist: Ryan Hale

Artist: John Bride and Jyelle Vogel


Jyelle Vogel
2609 Belle Aire Terrace
(902) 431-8215

Artist: Maria Valverde

Background: Maria Valverde often refered as The Maritime Senorita paints large female portraits. You often see birds, flowers and plants surrounding her portraits paintings. She describes her work as a cultural merger of her Spanish and Canadian identity.  Maria's work has won National and provincial awards. She would be interested in painting a very large portrait that would cover the side of a building in Halifax.

Contact Information:


Artist: Gerhardt Meintjes

Background: Gerhardt Meintjes is a fine art painter in his spare time from life as an air ambulance helicopter pilot. He is a diploma engineer and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Gerhardt paints in oil and acrylics mostly, and likes to participate in a wide range of artistic activities and challenges, including studio and outdoor painting, drawing and other artwork.

"From an early age I was busy with pencil and paper and started painting later on with watercolour. I created pictures of helicopters and aircraft mostly while in the South African Air Force. It was only in 2002 that I started painting with oil, a wonderful medium, for the first time, and lately have used acrylics. I never had any formal training, but enjoy creativity as a balance to a professional career. I admire the lives and works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and  Vincent van Gogh, the Canadian Groups of Seven, as well as the styles of various South African artists, including Johannes Meintjes."

Contact Information:

#3 - 2128 Brunswick Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

B3K 2Y8

(902) 802-6256

Artist: Shawn Boucher

Background: I'm a local artist born and raised in Halifax, NS, who has been painting and creating art for 11 years now. Among standard fine arts: water colors, acrylics, oils, pastels etc. I have been doing graffiti style art for 9 years and love it.  Along the way I've had various influences and guidance from local urban artist Scott Tobin and showed me how to have a positive, fun time with a spray can, almost something I prefer over a brush. I've done work with clients such as HRM, Canadian Goverment, Bowlarama, SCIFEN Clothing and various other private clients. All in all I love creating art and introducing a colorful explosion into your enviroment.
peace love and stay funky!

Contact Information:

Shawn Boucher
(902) 877-8198

Artist: Rebecca Junkin

Contact Information:

Artist: John Malone

Education: Gaduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Art and Art Education


Artist: Jon Bobryk

Education/Business: Jonathan Bobryk (JonBob) is a multidisciplinary artist currently studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His works range from traditional painting and drawings, to conceptual video and audio pieces. Born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, he has a strong interest in public art and the issues surrounding it. He seeks to use public art as a medium to involve citizens with the space surrounding them, and facilitate creative interactions with the urban environment.

Contact Information:

Artist: Juele Hortie

Background: Juele Hortie wondered out of the swamp two years ago and managed to settle into an artistic way of life here in Halifax. She really really loves reptiles.

Contact Information:

Artist: Colleen MacIsaac

Background: Colleen MacIsaac is an illustrator, animator and sequential artist.
Originally from Edmonton, she now resides in Halifax where she makes comics,
films, theatre, knitting, and cups of tea. Also she draws things.


Artist: Sydney Smith

Background: Sydney Smith is a Nova Scotia born illustrator living in Halifax. His work can be seen on album covers, children's books, posters and his website.


Artist: Fresh Food Studios

Contact Information:

Artist: Zoe Nudell

Background: Zoë Nudell is working towards a perfect life where she sails the seas,teaches, designs and constructs functional fashions from reclaimed
fabrics, paints, welds and creates sculptural installations. She is a Halifax-based artist, and she loves this beautiful province. Upcoming shows: Sculptural installation at 1313 Hollis from Dec-Jan. Recent works include "Transubstantiation", a sculptural installation showcased at Nocturne. View more of Zoe's work at:


Artist: Blaise Theriault

Artist: Katie Hillman

Artist: Jeff Domm

Background: Jeff Domm has illustrated over 30 books on wildlife including award winning titles such as Atlantic Puffin, Little Brother of the North kids book as well as Nova Scotia Birds. He works closely with Department of Fisheries and oceans and Environment Canada doing portraits of endangered species and interpretive museum projects. He has been teaching illustration and drawing at NSCAD University for the past 17 years.  Jeff works out of his home studio in Cow Bay Nova Scotia.

Contact Information: