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Community Arts

The municipal Community Art program started as a pilot project in the fall of 2006 as an initiative to provide opportunities for young people to be creative, connect with their community and heighten community identity through beautification. The program has since expanded to involve youth and community members of all ages. Special projects have been completed in Sackville, Spryfield, Clayton Park, Lakeside, Halifax, Dartmouth East, North Preston, Woodside, Central Dartmouth, Bedford, and Tallahassee.

Community Art is any art form which focuses on involving community members, who contribute a variety of abilities, to design and create a public art piece. These projects are done together with a professional artist who passes on skills to the participants through the art-making process. The content of the artwork usually reflects local issues that have been identified by people within the community. Community art can use any art form including theatre, music, visual arts, literary arts, dance, media arts and more. The importance of the project is placed on the process of art making because of its ability to build relationships and involve all members of a neighbourhood helping to establish collective identity. The artwork, once complete, is exhibited, installed or performed for the community. To view past special projects visit the Community Arts Archive.

If you are interested in starting a community art project in your neighbourhood, or for more information about community art contact:

Kate MacLennan
Community Developer


A Mosaic of Identity and Community Connection

IMWAHartistsThrough the hard work of the Immigrant Migrant Association of Halifax (IMWAH) several art pieces were created last year by immigrant women that explore the theme of identity and community connections. People worked with clay, copper, glass and paint with direction from artist Miro Davis. The work will be on temporary display at Pier 21 before it finds a more permanent home.

Project Unveiling
Location: Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Date: March 8, 2017 from 6 - 8 pm
Cost is FREE

The project was supported by Halifax Regional Municipality, the Nova Scotia Government through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, Support4Culture, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

For more information please email or call Maria Jose Yax-Fraser at 902-435-5215.



Project Facilitation Workshops!

Interested in starting a project in your neighborhood but don't know how to make it happen? Have an idea but don't know what to do next? Check out the project facilitation workshops


North Common Plazas

North Park Plaza EntrancesThree entrance plazas are being built on the Halifax Common as part of the North Park Intersection Redesign. Each plaza will host sandblasted designs in concrete create by the Aboriginal community, the African Nova Scotian community and the LGBTQ community in the neighbourhood.

During the winter and spring of 2015 community members gathered to brainstorm and discuss ideas for the community art pieces. Three artists have now been hired to work with the community to design the concept based on their visions for their community art piece. The final designs will be etched into the concrete of the three plazas during spring 2016.

All people who live, work and recreate in the area between North Park St, Cogswell St, Barrington St and North St in Halifax are invited to attend the community gatherings hosted by the community partners and the municipality. For more information visit here.





Halifax Art Boat Project

The Halifax Art Boat Project is a brand new community-run arts center.Art Boat pirates on launch day

The box scow hull vessel was hand-built by a team of volunteers and community members of all ages and abilities over the winter and spring of 2013-2014 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's historic boat shed on the Halifax Waterfront. The boat was launched into the Halifax Harbour July of 2014. The project welcoming community input for future projects.

The art, workshops, and activities featured in this unique space were produced by a volunteer team of local artists, community members like yourself, friends from many countries, and are open to everyone to enjoy.

Visit the Halifax Art Boat on the Halifax Waterfront near the CSS Acadia in front of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


Want to participate? - Anyone can become a member of the Art Boat Project crew by joining in on one of the meetings, volunteering to help out, or submitting art ideas for workshops or events. For more information, please visit the website at: or send an email to

Art Boat LaunchThis project was supported by the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and Waterfront Development

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Placemaking Program

HRM’s Placemaking Program brings together community members to create public art that activates shared public spaces to give a sense of place and build communities. The municipality is enthusiastic to work with neighbourhoods who are interested in leading a project in their neighbourhood. Intake for proposed projects is October 30th for projects happening the following summer.

Visit Placemaking for more information about this initiative.