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Construction Section Construction


Construction Services falls under Transportation & Public Works.  The role of Construction Services is to administer and inspect most capital projects approved by the Regional Council.

The Construction Services section plays a unique role within the Municipality because of its overall responsibility in translating design and specifications of a significant component of HRM's Capital Budget into final project reality within a high profile and pressured environment.

supplement  Traffic Control Manual Supplement




Construction Services provides the following services:

  1. We administer and inspect HRM's capital program. See 2014 HRM Capital Works Projects for an up to date listing. For an explanation of various project types administered by Construction Services see Projects.
  2. We also inspect, on HRM's behalf, projects which are the responsibility of those noted below but affect HRM's property.

Construction Services receives numerous requests and inquiries. Many of these are related to information and projects we administer and track regulary. Other requests are of a more specific or complex nature and must be researched before an answer can be given.

To help with the common requests we've outlined what our department is involved with on a daily basis:

  • Approved Capital Construction Projects

          2012 Capital Works (Last Updated February 2013)

          2013 Capital Works (Last Updated Nov 2013)

          2014 Capital Works ( Last Updated April 2014)


  • Maps of HRM regions. These outline the limits of each of the regions including the core.

Construction staff for West District, East District and Central District are located in the Eric Spicer Building at 21 Mount Hope Avenue in Dartmouth.


Servicing West Region

Detailed map showing the West Region

West Region Construction Staff

Name and Title  Phone Number Fax Number 
Sharon Urquhart , Administrative Support  490-6217 490-4939

Debbie Andrews,

Construction Coordinator

490-1929 490-4939
Bruce Colborne, P.Eng., Construction Supervisor  490-4896 490-4939

Doug Crossman, CET

Senior Construction Inspector

490-6124 490-4939
Bruce Gates, Construction Inspector  490-4853 490-4939

Servicing East Region

Detailed map showing the East Region

East Region Construction Staff

Name and Title  Phone Number Fax Number 

Kevin MacDonald, Construction Inspector 

490-4922 490-4939
Adrian Meisner, Construction Inspector  490-5897 490-4939
Andy Geldart, Senior Construction Inspector 490-4920 490-4939

Andrew Swan,

Construction Inspector

490-4919 490-4939



Servicing Central Region

Detailed map showing the Central Region

Central Region Construction Staff

Name and Title Phone Number Fax Number 
Daryl Sheehy, CET, Senior Construction Inspector  490-4443 490-4939
Ed Smith, Construction Inspector  490-4442 490-4939
Darrell McCallum, CET, Construction Inspector  490-4445 490-4939

James McCallum, CET

Jr. Construction Inspector

490-6152 490-4939
Mailing Address:
HRM Construction Services,
Eric Spicer Building
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, NS, B3J 3A5
Street Address:
21 Mount Hope Avenue,
Dartmouth, NS