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BMO Centre

BMO Centre Ice Allocation Policy Presentation

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The BMO Centre, HRM's new four pad arena complex

in Bedford, Nova Scotia is now open

and ready for action

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4-pad arena rendering

BMO Centre Exterior - Architect Rendering


4-pad interior lobby rendering

BMO Centre Interior - Architect Rendering


Project Background
In response to a capacity issue for prime time ice availability in HRM and a risk assessment of the age and condition of all ice surfaces in HRM, whether municipally owned or not, HRM has developed a short term strategy solution and a longer term strategy solution.

pairs skaters

Short Term Strategy - History

Although there is non-prime time capacity, there is a prime time deficit which could grow larger.  The short term is to deal with immediate deficits, as well as impending risks associated with the condition of Devonshire and the replacement plans in the next couple years for the SMU and Shearwater Arenas which could also cause further temporary capacity issues if new ice surfaces are not brought on line. The short term strategy approved by Regional Council is to seek a partner to design, build, operate and possibly finance a new 4Pad ice arena complex.  An Expression of Interest earlier this year demonstrated interest from potential partners with HRM receiving nine replies.  The top four Proponents were short listed.

In early August 2008, the Halifax Regional Municipality issued a Request for Proposals from the four short listed pre-qualified Proponents to develop new ice surfaces. The objective of this Request for Proposals (RFP) was to select a single Proponent based on the submission of detailed technical and financial Proposals for the development of the Project. The site location was determined as part of the outcome results of the RFP process.

Documents for the short term strategy can be found by clicking on them under Background Resources (in left-hand navigation bar).

Long Term Strategy

Regional Council also endorsed the development of a long range strategy that will result in a planned and predictable strategy to replace and/or reinvest in existing aging arena facilities. It is still under development and will be brought to Council at a later date. It will be a multi-year plan.

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May 13, 2009 Metro - Rink Waits for feds, province to chip in

January 29, 2009 Metro - Plans for Bedford hockey rink unanimously approved

January 28, 2009 - Media Release - Site Selection

January 28, 2009 - Chronicle Herald - Four-rink arena to be built in Bedford