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Timberlea/Lakeside/Beechville Plan Area

Municipal Planning Strategy

Maps associated with MPS:

Land Use By-Law

Maps associated with LUB:

All other maps associated with these documents that are not listed above have been incorporated into the documents noted.


The above noted documents and associated maps are electronic consolidations of the official copies of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law applicable for the plan area noted, which falls within the Halifax Regional Municipality. These consolidations are unofficial copies and are provided for reference purposes only. There may be amendments that have been approved but have not yet been included in these consolidated versions. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these electronic copies, the Halifax Regional Municipality assumes no responsibility for discrepancies that may have resulted from reformatting for electronic publication or from delays in updating recently approved amendments. Please consult the appropriate official source for confirmation of the content as well as clarification of any interpretations of the information contained in the documents. These documents are copyrighted to Halifax Regional Municipality and may not be copied for the purpose of resale.