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Garbage & Recycling

Collection schedules and guides for garbage, green cart, recycling and household special waste. Learn “what goes where?” and facility hours of operation. Find education programs.

What Goes Where

Find garbage, green cart and recycling schedules. Homeowners can gather information about what goes in the green cart and blue bag.

Household Special Waste

Find out where to take your hazardous materials, electronics, sharps and batteries. Locate a mobile drop-off event in your community.


Participate in Curbside Give Away weekend, "green” your special event or organize a litter pick up in your community.

Business Waste

Tips on how to integrate recycling and organics collection into your waste collection program. How to manage construction & demolition debris.

How green is your lawn?

This season, leave your grass clippings on your lawn so the nutrients can enrich the soil. It's called Grasscycling.

Proposed By-law Changes

Clear bags, lower bag limits, paper lawn waste bags. Scan the FAQs to find out what changes have been proposed and how they could affect curbside collection.

Naturally Green Newsletters

Naturally Green is a newsletter about environmental issues. Published with assistance from RRFB Nova Scotia.

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Notices & Events

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