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MetroX Service


Halifax Transit operates three MetroX limited-stop routes that transport passengers to and from the downtown areas of Halifax. Information on Halifax Transit's MetroX routes to Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake, Fall River/Airport and Porters Lake can be accessed below:

Fall River/Airport MetroX
Porters Lake MetroX
Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake MetroX

MetroX 370 Porters Lake

The Porters Lake Metro X route links residents of Porters Lake and the surronding area with Halifax Transit's Bridge Terminal (Dartmouth) and Scotia Square Mall (Halifax).

Below is more information on the Porters Lake MetroX:

MetroX 330 Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake

The Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake Metro X links residents along the Highway 103 to Halifax's downtown core.

Below is more information on the Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake Metro X:

MetroX 320 Airport/Fall River

The limited-stop, commuter-based MetroX service links the airport/Aerotech Park and the Fall River community to Halifax's downtown core.

The MetroX features 40’ buses, accommodating 36 seated passengers, with allowance for standing passengers. Each MetroX bus features limited-capacity luggage racks, air-conditioning, and a front-mounted bike rack, which carry two bikes.

Passenger baggage is allowed on the MetroX 320, however, please review our baggage policy for specifics.

Below is more information for passengers of the Fall River/Airport MetroX: