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Accessible Services

Access-A-Bus Service

What is Access-A-Bus?

Halifax Transit's Access-A-Bus service is a shared ride, door-to-door, transit service for persons who are unable to use the conventional transit system due to physical or cognitive disabilities and are declared eligible through a registration process.

The Access-A-Bus service is meant to supplement the Halifax Transit fixed route system. Funding is provided by the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Who can use the Access-A-Bus service?

There are several levels of eligibility for the Access-A-Bus Service. Some people may have disabilities that call for Access-A-Bus service for all trips, while others may only need the service when traveling alone, in the winter or for specific trips.

As a result, if you are declared eligible, the level of eligibility you are granted will be based on your needs.

The possible levels of eligibility are:

  • permanent
  • temporary (3 month period only)
  • seasonal (winter time)
  • conditional (travelling alone, dialysis)

You may qualify for the Access-A-Bus service if you:

  • require use of wheelchair or scooter
  • are unable to step up or down a 35 centimeter step unassisted
  • are unable to walk 175 meter outside unassisted
  • have 20/200 vision or less (legally blind)
  • are unable to utilize conventional transit due to cognitive or physical disabilities

 Access-A-Bus Application Form

Potential applicants can fill out the Access-A-Bus application form.

 Access-A-Bus 24 Hour Reservation Window

Access-A-Bus clients are able to book 24 hours prior to the intended travel date, or anytime within a 7-day period for those with standing medical appointments and/or weekly errands. Passengers will receive an immediate confirmation of the booking. Those wishing to book numerous trips will be able to continue to do so, with a maximum of 5 trips daily.

Passengers are subject to a 30-minute pick up window at the time of your trip confirmation. For those unfamiliar with the process, this means if your requested booking is for 9 am, your pick-up will be scheduled between 8:45 am and 9:15 am, and could occur anytime within that time frame. This window allows for more scheduling flexibility due to unexpected traffic delays or detours, and to allow Halifax Transit to make more bookings.

As it is the current practice, trip requests received after the 2-day booking window will be placed on a waiting list, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and filled as vacancies become available.

We remind all clients that Access-A-Bus is not only for medical appointments, but to allow you to participate in social, personal, and recreational activities around HRM within our service area.

If you require additional information, please contact Halifax Transit at 311.

 Access-A-Bus allows mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are allowed on all Access-A-Buses, designated ALF conventional bus routes and ferries. Maximum size restrictions are:

  • 3-Wheel Scooters: 40” L x 21.125” W
  • 4-Wheel Scooters: 40.25” L x 21.25” W

Note: All mobility scooters will require (4) anchors/tie down points to secure the device on the bus.