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What is the Youth Services Plan?

The Youth Services Plan was created by youth to make sure that municipal programs and services are meeting the needs of the youth (aged 13-24), and will provide the basis for service offerings over the next three to five years.

Download the PDF of the Youth Service Plan Summary. It contains the list of goals that will help make the plan come true!

The Youth Services Plan was presented to the Community Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee of Regional Council on February 23, 2017. View the full presentation and the full Youth Services Plan scroll down to Item 11.1 of the agenda.

Based on the feedback of 1400 youth (through the online survey, workshops and one on one conversations), the Youth Team created the following Vision, Core Values & Mission for youth services:

Vision Statement

The Halifax Regional Municipality’s Youth Services provides an open & diverse environment that is accessible to all youth. We support mental & physical wellbeing while promoting unity, friendship & most importantly happiness. – We make a difference!

Core Values

Core values are philosophies or principles that guide conduct as well as relationships within a community and the community’s relationship to the external world.

  • Support
  • Happiness
  • Inclusivity
  • Friendship
  • Opportunities for all

Mission Statement

We enrich the quality of life for all and strengthen communities by providing fun, accessible, friendly, and inclusive youth services.

How do we define youth?

Youth Services in the municipality encompasses ages 13-24. For the purposes of this plan we grouped the ages of 13-15, 16-18 & 19-24. We recognise the diversity within these age ranges that requires specific and intentional services.

For information on the youth plan, please contact Amanda Reddick, Community Developer supporting the project. Amanda can be reached at, 902.817.3923 or on twitter: @hfxyouth

Parks & Recreation would like to thank the following Youth Team members:

Mitchell Archibald, Abbey Campbell, Natalie Comeau, Neave Cornick, Anna Ehler, Alex Gillis, Kelley O’Toole, Chris Patry, Ashlynn Ross, William VanderSpoel & Kailey Webber.

Their continued input, feedback and direction have been essential in the development of the Youth Plan. Thanks also given to the 1400 youth who participated in our youth plan workshops and online survey.

Youth Team Members

The Youth Services Plan

The youth team created the following 5 strategic visions. These are statements that address the common issues that were identified through all the feedback from the youth.

Strategic Vision 1
Our services positively impact the mental health and physical wellbeing of youth

  • Mental Health is a very important issue for youth
  • Research supports positive outcomes to youth’s mental health when they participate in physical activity, recreation and leadership programs.

Strategic Vision 2
All youth are able to access our services

  • Low cost, inclusive services
  • All youth can access services regardless of their academic, cultural or financial background

Strategic Vision 3
The municipality offers friendly and welcoming environments for youth

  • Physical spaces need to be friendly and welcoming to youth
  • A lot of youth stated they have anxiety when entering a recreation facility for the first time
  • Steps need to be taken to educate staff on youth and youth engagement

Strategic Vision 4
Services are diverse and geared towards youth interests

  • Some youth feel that they are too old to try new sports or activities
  • Offer “try it programs” lets youth experience new sports and activities
  • More opportunities to take “non-standard” art classes
  • Drop in programs offer more than just a single activity

Strategic Vision 5
All youth are aware of the services offered by the municipality

  • Marketing and promotion needs to stay ahead of the trends
  • Market youth services directly to youth in addition to parents and guardians
  • Youth webpage and social media tools is the best way to spread program and service information